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So, Stephanie. What exactly do you do? 

I'm a storyteller. Okay, okay. I realize that answer may seem vague, so I'll explain. You have a message. Maybe it's, "I have a killer idea, product, service, personality, or talent. I want everyone to know about it."  My job is to identify your market and develop/deliver an attention-grabbing campaign. Or maybe it is to help develop your brand from the ground up. Both require strategy, creativity, innovation, fantastic content, great relationships, and the ability to connect with an audience on a personal level. Is your product or service unique? If so, let's explain. If not, no worries - the story behind it IS. Your story is your brand. Make it memorable. 

I'm a public relations strategist, writer, video producer, content creator, designer, networking guru, media trainer, and public speaker. I am here to help bring your story to life. 

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